Words Become Things — Krakow Day 2

Krakow Day 2

I successfully found my friend in Krakow. On the way from the train station to his apartment, we walk along the Wisla, the beautiful river that flows through Krakow.
The next morning I wake up by the sound of my buddy punching in some code into his MacBook keyboard.
After our daily dose of coffee, we get out of his apartment and rent 2 bikes and drive off to a nice restaurant where we want to cowork.
Driving through the old town of Krakow is magic. It really feels like traveling back in time and visiting a medieval city. You hear the noises of galloping horses who pull white carriages through the city. In the background, you see beautiful churches and castle walls everywhere. I can see why my buddy decided to live here for a while. 
As soon as we arrived at the restaurant we order our omelets and get our MacBooks out; time to hustle.
We get some bewildered looks because of pulling out our laptops in the middle of a restaurant, but as fellow members of nerd nation, we are used to this.
Pawel shows me some new designs for my website and my podcast, and I realize that this guy, is a wizard with his computer. Seeing those new designs really made my jaw drop.
As my buddy shares his screen I realize that this thing is really happening. And I realize that words become things.
I think about the moment where I first dared to tell other people about my vision of being a traveling psychologist and all the people who helped me along the way.
And although I still have a long way to go, I am here in Krakow, working on the thing I love, being where I want to be, doing me.

Do Nothing

After a couple of hours of intense screen staring and me slowly becoming neurotic about getting eye cancer we decide to unplug from the digital world and do something real.
We drive with our rented bikes to Jordan park, in order to work out in nature. There is something about working out in the open that is really therapeutic. On our way back we have to cross a field that has a beautiful view of the Krakow’s biggest mountain. On that mountain is a castle. A beautiful scenery. And my buddy casually says “this field looks nice, I want to lay down for a while”.
So we get off our bikes, and do just that, lay down in the grass. No, I am not going all brokeback mountain on you, but I honestly don’t remember the last time that I casually laid on the floor, and did nothing.
I have been all tunnel version for quite some time now, and taking a break of my urge of becoming was really recovering.
As we lay there and watch the clouds we contemplate life and realize that it’s not all about going somewhere, but also about being in the present, and enjoying this very moment. I can’t stress enough how important it is to occasionally disconnect from the daily trance of life.
So fuckface, how about you put your phone away close your laptop and just lay on the floor for a couple of minutes and do nothing.

Words Matter

If you are reading this I want to give you one thing on your way: words matter.
Be very aware of the words you use, because they ultimately end up becoming your reality. The one tool that everybody has control over is language.
Nothing shapes our behavior as much as words. So I urge you to be brave enough to speak out about what you really want because after all, words eventually become things. For better, or for worse.

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right — Henry Ford

Identifying who in your environment is holding you back is one of the most important lifestyle design steps there are. Figuring out who holds you back from articulating what you really want is a difficult but necessary step. I think most people don’t get into gear because they are worried about the opinions of other people. Those people are often our closest connections, our mother, our father our friends and colleagues. Liberating ourselves from being dependent on the opinion of others I key if you want to start doing you. Don’t expect other people to believe in your vision, it’s yours, not theirs.
So fuckface, enough worrying about what other people might think of you, once you start to believe in yourself and have guts to say it out, others will follow.
In psychological terms, we call this “self-fulfilling prophecy”. It means that our beliefs and expectations and the things we say have an effect on our behavior and on our impact on others. Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions ultimately become our new reality.

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