Mona Mandouri {Writer} – Inside the Mind of a Poet

Who is Mona Mandouri?

“Hi, I am Mona. 

Most people need a name for an introduction-maybe because they’re too lazy to make one up themselves?

I write. I always wrote. I made up bedtime stories until my mom fell asleep. I freestyled about the things I have seen and fell in love with them during the day. Most of the times I sung them for hours on the toilette. Wich, I still love to do because the acoustic in a bathroom make you sound so lovely.

I was too scared to do art. Art is my larger than life love that could have eaten me alive if I would given it a try. It always felt like a crucial, beautiful, dangerous, draining solution for everything. Like heroin. That’s how I felt about it. That’s how I got into the creative industry and became a copywriter-for all sorts of clients around the world during the day hours. I don’t know much about hours. 

There I discovered that I was always a writer. And that I already have found my purpose. 

So every now and then in the other hours, I started to read out my poetry. Every now and then I’ll be part of some art project, installation, T-shirt design concept, Songtexte writing, music video shoot and so on.  And I love it.

Constantly willing to express myself for me or for others. I want to be closer than physically close, I want to be in your head and heart close. I guess that makes me the person and writer that I am today.

And I love roses a lot for various reasons.

Is that enough information?

My website is soon to come. Don’t judge me, I am a very old person trapped in an artist body. Getting online shit done takes a fucking while.”

Where can I listen to this episode?


What is this episode about?

• Her first 60 minutes of the day
• Why she became a writer
• What happiness is for her
• Her advice to aspiring writers
• Favorite / least favorite words and noises
• Three success tips that have helped him
• The book she has recommended most often
• The life slogan she would put on every coffee mug in the world
• What her childhood was like
• What it feels like to evoke emotions in people
• What she would love to see standing at the gates of heaven

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Why Mona Mandouri?

I met Mona Mandouri (@lotus.lobster} a few years ago, but only very recently discovered her poetry, that she reads to people. I managed to come to one of her readings. There I saw her sitting in front of the audience, on a small desk with very little light.

Next to her was a bunch of notes and a glass full of red wine.  She looked nervous and confident at the same time.

It was an honest situation, a naked situation. All eyes were eyes were on her. She felt that, so she took a big sip of wine and started reading. I never saw a true poet in my life.

This was the first time for me.

Being the psychology geek that I am, I observed the crowd more, than I observed Mona.

And what I saw was tears and deep connection.

Mona has the gift of evoking true emotions in people, and because of this ability, I believe her poetry is not so far away from therapy.

This why I wanted to Interview her for my psychology podcast.

As always thank you for listening!
Drop a comment and let me know what your biggest take away was!


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