The Psychology Podcast Episode 6 – Matthias Van Hove

Who is Matthias Van Hove?

Matthias is an aerospace engineer and holds an MBA degree from Collège des Ingénieurs. He has started his a career at Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, where he currently works as customer manager. Matthias delivers new A320 Family aircraft to global players in the airline and aircraft leasing markets. He strives to bring customer value to the heart of his ambition while protecting on-time and on-quality aircraft deliveries.

Matthias smells jet fuel and sees aircraft rocket into the sky every single day. However, he personally prefers to keep his feet on the ground and keeps an eye onto not feeling too self-important. Instead he feels privileged and grateful for the team of people he is working with on a daily basis. Matthias promotes an inclusive, empowering and rewarding leadership style.

Matthias was born in Luxembourg and currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. He strongly believes in the European concept. Matthias is convinced that Europe unites a unique and diverse blend of cultures, talents and businesses that puts Europe in a pole position for growth and innovation – while maintaining the guiding principles of its founders: unity and solidarity.

Matthias is a passionate investor and he’s always willing to debate stock market opportunities. While he fancies nerdy programming techniques, he’s also into learning languages (six so far). Matthias will never say no to a competitive game of Basketball and he will continue buying quite some concert tickets to see the rising stars of the Blues, Funk and Soul universe perform.


Where can I listen to this episode?


What is this episode about?

• His first 60 minutes of the day
• His nutritional philosophy
• How he ended up selling airplanes for Airbus
• What he bases his job choices on
• His leadership philosophy
• His notion of a perfect day
• The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
• His definition of true success
• His recipe for disaster
• Career goals of his 16-year old self
• His Management hacks
• His number one rule for young entrepreneurs
• Favorite / least favorite words and noises
• Three success tips that have helped him
• The book he has recommended most
• The life slogan he would put on every coffee mug in the world
• What he would love to see standing at the gates of heaven

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Tools mentioned

  1. What the health Documentary( Netflix Docu)
  2. Adriene’s Yoga(Youtube Channel)
  3. Motley Fool(Investment Blog)
  4. Max Goldt(Short stories)


Extra Credit Reading: Exercise time!

If you have read my articles, you know that I’m a big advocate for having a network of inspiring mentors in your life. But where do you find them? We all would love to have LeBron James as our basketball coach, or Gary Vaynerchuk as our marketing advisor. More often than not we have amazing people right in front of us. Matthias Van Hove is one of those people for me. I met him when I joined my current basketball team. He plays the same position as me, so we have our fair share of battles. After some time I started asking him questions unrelated to basketball. Before attending a startup conference I asked him how to network. After not being able to close a publishing deal for my book I asked him how to negotiate. The point I’m trying to make is: Don’t figure out everything by yourself. Your problems are not unique, whatever you are facing right now, somebody else has already solved a similar problem. Find that person who has what you want, and ask him how he got it and what skills you need to develop to get the same results. Here are few exercises that might help you get going.
1. Write down 3 areas in which you think you would need a mentor
2. Imagine you already have your dream mentor: What email would you write him? What questions do you have in your mind/ heart that you need guidance with? Write down 10 questions that if answered will change your life dramatically.
3. Write down 3 mentors you already have, and ask one of them a question about life. Often we already have mentors in our life but we call them friends, teachers, bosses, parents or grandparents.
4. Reach out to 3 people that are 10x more successful than you in your field and ask them out for coffee!
As always thank you for listening!
Drop a comment and let me know what your biggest take away was!

As always thank you for listening!

Drop a comment and let me know what your biggest take away was!

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