Leo Kempkes — What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur {Grow Podcast #001}

The time is finally here; my first podcast episode. In this first episode of the Grow Podcast, I interview Leo Kempkes. A young entrepreneur, founder, investor and most important one of my closest friends. His friendship and guidance have had some major impact on my life lately. And if everything goes well we will study next summer at Harvard together.

Since this is my first episode it is going to be a bit, cringy guys. But if you fight yourself through my mumbling you are good to go.

I believe that listening to this conversation will make you grow, and give you a picture of what the psychology of a young founder looks like.

There are multiple gold nuggets hidden in this conversation with Leo Kempkes. If you have any aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur yourself I highly recommend you check out this episode.

Leo is kicking a*s in life and knows what he is talking about, so if he talks you should listen guys.

Who is Leo Kempkes?

Leo Kempkes is a person who is always hungry for the next challenge. He started his first company without any capital in school with his friends.
Some fails and successes later, he is today active as a young entrepreneur, investor in different companies and consults international companies on business models and innovation.
Leo is also active as an engineer in the medical device sector with the goal to improve the life of patients every day.

In one of his recent business endeavors, Die Herren Edel Leo Kempkes and his partners sell Premium Accessories for the young gentleman of tomorrow.

What is this episode about?

in our wide-ranging conversation, Leo Kempkes and I cover many topics, including:

  • What it takes to become an entrepreneur
  • What his morning routine looks like
  • How his growth mindset enables him to always stay in learning mode
  • The difference between urgent tasks and important tasks
  • Goalsetting and writing a business plan
  • His Secrets of happiness and Success
  • And what he would cook if Nicolas Cage would come for Dinner!

Listen direct here or on, SoundCloud, iTunes, stitcher.



The Sound in this Interview is a bit off. My mac didn’t accept one of the microphones apparently. I fixed the problem for the next episodes, however.


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