Habit Coaching

Hi, I’m Daniel Karim

I’m a certified Tiny Habit Coach.

This means that I teach people to create habits, quickly and easily using a breakthrough method called Tiny Habits.

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How did I learn about Habit Formation?

After 6 years of studying psychology, I decided to combine my life passion for behavior psychology with my nomadic lifestyle.

I became a certified Tiny Habits Coach and I personally learned from M.S Linda Fogg -Phillips( Tiny Habits Academy) and Ph.D. BJ Fogg who is the world leading expert in habit formation and the founder of the behavior design lab of Stanford University.

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Who is Daniel Karim?

I am an Ex-professional basketball player who studied psychology at the University of Hamburg. After several years of intense learning and discovering myself I decided to take my talents all over the world. I traveled to 55+ countries in order to understand the habits of happy and successful people.
In order to combine my nomadic lifestyle with my lifelong passion for behavior psychology, I decided to become a coach.



With me as your Coach


I will make you an expert in habit formation and help you become the person you always wanted to be. You will Discover the tiny habit method and with it realize your Life`s Potential.

I will make you form 3 new habits and coach you all the way through until you mastered the process.


What is your area of expertise?

My fields of expertise are Behavioral Psychology / Clinical Psychology and Learning and Memory / Nutrition and Fitness.



What are your specialties?

Behavior Design / Accelerated Learning / Stress Reduction / Anti Depression /Fitness and Nutrition


Who I Work With?

I work with ambitious, positive contributors who have a growth mindset. People who are curious about learning behavior Design and who want to use habit formation in order to become the best version of themselves and to add more value to the world.

Because I am an Entrepreneur, Behavior Designer, Influencer, Student, Digital Nomad, Author, Podcaster, basketball player I can not work with everybody because the day has only 24 hours. So there is a limitation of 10 New coachees a week.

What are you waiting for?

Ready to make a change? Whether you are trying to create an exercise routine, start a meditation practice or learn a new language it all comes down to habit formation. If you want to become a straight A student have better relationships or get more successful in your job the secret to your success is to change your habits.



Hi, I’m Daniel!

I am a Behavior Designer, a Writer, and Digital Nomad.

I write about big ideas and life hacks that don`t suck.
Some people say I`m a moron. Other people say I changed their life.

Read and decide for yourself.

More about me


What am I reading right now?

“Fuck positivity,” Superstar blogger Mark Manson says. “Let’s be honest; sometimes things are fucked up and we have to live with it.:

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